P2Pool Node Scanner

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P2Pool.co Node Scanner is the best P2Pool node scanner out there.

  • We include a scoring algorithm to highlight to you the best p2pool near your location, we take a factor of datapoints and combine it into the p2pool score.
  • We offer latency numbers that are much more realistic than other node scanners (compare our latency numbers to actual pings that you run yourself and compare them to the other p2pool node scanners).
  • If you are new to p2pool mining you can learn more about p2pool here.
  • If you would like us to add your node or if you have any ideas to make this scanner better than please email me at mike@p2pool.co
IP / Domain Name
Efficiency w/ Perfect Miners
Getwork Latency

Scoring is determined in the following manner:

  • The score starts at 100
  • 10 * the fee is subtracted (fees are bad)
  • 5 * the donation fee is subtracted (donations are less bad)
  • 10 * the latency (ms) divided by 100 is subtracted (latency caries much weight with p2pool)
  • Efficiency If Miner Perfect over 100 is added (under 100 is subtracted) (efficiency over 100% is good and less than 100% is bad)
  • For 0 or 1 users, 10 is subtracted from the score (Low user p2pools have efficiencies rate that are unrealistically high)
  • Uptime of zero days subtracts 5 points, one day subtracts 2.5 points, and everything else has no effect (efficiencies are not accurate until the server has been running for 24 to 48 hours).
  • An unknown version of the p2pool software subtracts 10 points
  • Version 15 or lower gives a score of 0
  • A warning (like bitcoind not running) gives a score of 0